Cone Axial Fan

Cone Axial Fan

Application:Pig farm/Chicken farm

Place of origin:Zhengzhou 450001 of China

Design concept:rust proof, corrosion proof, durable service life

Key materials:fiber glass/galvanized steel shell,stainless steel

Service:accept customized design and OEM manufacturing

Cone Axial Fan Description

Cone axis fan is a big air flow rate ventilation blower, its cone hood can greatly enhance the air flow rate, so it is one good choice to reduce the fan installed quantity. Its blade is fabricated by the Krup stainless steel, shell material can be fiber glass and galvanized steel, air from the pig farm house contains higher corrosion gases, so fiber glass material is an ideal choice to work with such high corrosion gases, while for chicken farm, galvanized steel is durable enough for the job, cone axis fan is an ideal ventilation blower for different poultry farms.

Cone Axial Fan Technical Data

Model Blade dia.
Shell Material Air capacity
(dB )
HL-C50 1270  Galvanized steel 42860 ≤ 65 1.1
HL-BC50 1270 Fiber glass 42860 ≤ 65 1.1

Cone Axial Fan Advantages

1.Both galvanized steel and fiber glass frame available for different anti-corrosion working environment

2.Fan blade apply Krupp self-cleaning stainless steel,one type shape stamping process,excellent air volume capacity

3.Repeated static and dynamic balance test to ensure stable running,small vibration, low noise

4.The blinds are automatically opened and closed with the fan, blinds are tightly combined and the sealing effect is good