Breed Accessories

  • Nipple Drinker

    Nipple Drinker

    Nipple Drinker Description 1. Nippe united with cup to reduce water wasting 2. Stainless steel nipple design enhance long service life...

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  • Piglet Drink Bowl

    Piglet Drink Bowl

    Piglet Drink Bowl Description 1. Specialized deign for piglet water drinking 2. Full stainless steel material, easy clean and longlife 3. Big, medium and small sizes available for different weight...

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  • Plastic Slat Floor

    Plastic Slat Floor

    Plastic Slat Floor Description Plastic slat floor is widely used in chicken and pig farms, it isconvenient to collect the manure,and improve the environment air quality, at the same time, plastic slat ...

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  • Chicken Floor Raising

    Chicken Floor Raising

    Floor raising is one type low-density farming mothod, features easy management and small investment, it is widely used in breeders and broilers large-scale raising The floor raising system mainly consi...

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